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Dear Me, Look Up

by Marble Sounds

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released March 25, 2013

Pieter Van Dessel: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Gianni Marzo: electric guitar, banjo, vocals
Frederik Bastiaensen: bass
Johan De Coster: drums
Brecht Plasschaert: keyboards

Credits :
Aino Vehmasto: vocals on 8 and 10
Barbara Peynsaert : viola on 2
B. Jean Baudouin: vocals on 7
Chantal Acda: vocals on 2
Christophe Vandewoude: vocals on 10
Dominique Peynsaert: cello on 7
Gerd Van Mulders : trumpet and flugelhorn on 1, 8 and 10
Lies Molenaars : horn on 1, 8 and 10
Niels Van Heertum : euphonium on 8 and 10
Renato Martins : percussion on 2

All songs written and composed by Pieter Van Dessel
Except “Never Lost, Never Won” by Pieter Van Dessel and Gianni Marzo
And “Ship in the Sand” by Robin Proper-Sheppard

Recorded and produced by Pieter Van Dessel
Various bits and pieces were recorded by Brecht Plasschaert, Davy Deckmijn, Dirk Miers (Dé Studio), Gaëtan Vandewoude, Stef Van Alsenoy (AB), Thomas De Pauw (Motormusic) and Wouter De Smedt

Mixed by Peter Crosbie

Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters (

Artwork by Eugene and Louise (
Photography by Birgir Platteeuw



all rights reserved


Marble Sounds Brussels, Belgium


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Track Name: The Summer of the Sun
Our plan is bound to succeed
We will conquer the heat
We’re living without limits
Driving down south
They won’t ever track us down

You know an offer’s a lie
When conditions apply
We hang on to our freedom
Though seasons will change
They won't ever bring us down

And when the air’s too warm we’re hiding hiding
And when the drinking’s done we’re diving diving
And when the camera’s on we’re smiling smiling
They said this day would come
Here is the summer of the sun

Here’s a toast to my friends
To the adventures at hand
To the endless variations
On everyday life
‘cause nothing ever happens twice
Track Name: No One Ever Gave Us the Right
Detecting a pattern in all of my manners
I’m acting the part
So put me on hold ‘till my motions are frozen in time
Neglecting the danger still leads to frustration
I’m building the bridges they burn
Let’s cut all the waste
It’s taking up space in no time

Yeah you’re right
No one ever gave me the right
You were right
No one ever gave me the right

You’d start conversations ‘bout something engaging
But stopped making sense
And carrying the weight of the world is a little absurd
With every story i’m feeling more sorry
How could you have lived but not learnt?
Now cut all the waste
It’s taking up space in no time

Yeah you’re right
No one ever gave us the right
You were right
No one ever gave us the right
To wake up and to make up our minds
But they gave us a reason to fight
Track Name: Ship in the Sand
Woke up this morning
Thought, gonna change my life
I'm like a ship in the sand just waiting for the tide
Got a lot of reasons
Glad to be alive
But always waking up alone just makes me wanna die

I may be lonely but I'm not stupid
I try to live with my mistakes
So i stay awake to ease all pain
But i've never been very good at playing that game
No i've never been very good at anything

Forget the past it's just an ugly backdrop
That stains everything we try to believe in
And accept the things that failed love brings
And don't project it onto anyone else
Track Name: Dance Clarence Dance
We can’t control the situation
It takes its toll when luck’s involved
And i prefer low expectations
Over false hopes

You aren't short of inspiration
Since you got on your train of thought
While we can choose our destination
Destiny's unknown

Now you should do
What you couldn’t do
Come on, finalize
It takes a little more

And when you can,
Clarence, do your dance
And hit the night
It doesn’t take much more

Don't change your mind when under pressure
Don't take advice 'bout what to do
Whatever made break down your barriers
Keep it close to you

They need your name (to give you credit)
They'll take your soul (and keep control)
They'll clear your head
(and press reset when
everything must go)

I can be moved
It's in a tune
In every sigh
It's often right
But ever true
It's ever true
Track Name: The Silent Song
Each night we plug in the stars
Right at the moment it gets dark
All interference fades away
We calm down when they light up

Any amazement it creates
Is the cherry on the cake
We have lost the skill to wait
It’s strange to watch patience slowly die out

Now you're slowly growing tired
Of every question, every "why"
Don't be bothered to reply
A sigh says more than what you’re saying out loud

We shout when we don't care to carry on
We talk when we agree to get along
We whisper when we're going strong
And silence is our bond

It feels like teasing love when we are quiet
It leaves a lot to say and that's alright
Impossible to sing along
With the silent song
Track Name: The Little Lows
No more accusations
No longer in denial
I could be brave and face them
But i will pass for now

Sometimes i feel sensations
Sometimes i’m just sad
I tried imagination
Till it got confusing in my head

Something shattered on the floor
And it adds up to the little lows
There shouldn't be a way down
Shouldn't be a way down

A lesson that we heard before
When easy comes easy goes
There shouldn't be a way down
Shouldn't be a way down

No more insinuations
Time to reveal the proof
You're always in for changes
Unless they'll change you too

To each their own temptations
Your statement’s not my call
What i find entertaining
Would drive some others up the wall
Track Name: Photographs
I don’t need
Nerves of steel
I can resist
A gentle tease

If it’s a test
I can be tough
If it’s a bluff
I’m not impressed

You closed the books
I’m off the hook
You left the stress
I kept the mess

I must confess
I have no fear
But neither the guts, my dear

I picture your photographs
I’m dying here
And i don’t know why

I picture the pose you held
The blush you felt
But i won’t ask why

I picture you somewhere else
The story ends
But i don't know how
If only the timing had been right

I’m backing up
My favourite shots
It’s not a lot
But all i got

Give me a scheme
‘cause as it seems
I’m running out
Of good ideas

I’m risk averse
I don’t jump first
I’m taking note
Of each alert

So no more loss
I’ll let it go
I’ll take things
Nice and slow

You cut me out
You cut me out
Track Name: Leave a Light On
Sure i can leave a light on
Let it shine on 
Leave it till dawn
Sure i can leave a light on
Leave a light on for you

It takes two to find a way out
There is no doubt
I will be around
If you have lost the right track
Then i’ll lead you right back 

Don't search to find
Don't smile just to be nice
Don't run just to get there on time

Be amazed
Simply blown away
Live on without
Getting off your cloud

Sure i can leave a light on
Leave a light on for you

Sure i can play a quiet song
I could just hum
Beat a soft drum
Sure i can play a quiet song 
Play a quiet song for you

It takes you to make my heart sing
To let air in
And keep breathing
It takes two to keep the vibe true
I am waiting for you

It struck me again
We both look the same
But what you make
Appears in all shapes

I should impress
But nevertheless
I cannot change
Night into a day

So sure i can leave a light on
Leave a light on for you
Track Name: Never Lost, Never Won
My smile is just a little wry
I can take it with a grain of salt
Instead of getting sleep i try
To make up for my lost and precious time

I could play a role
But i lost the cool to keep control
Never mind the deal
It was well discussed but not agreed

It's a status quo again
A draw in every game we play
I guess that sums it up
We never lost
We never won

Not a chance we'll ever change
Or that we’ll find the one to blame
No one's right or wrong
We never lost
We never won

I used to be alright
But now i can feel the pressure rise
Here is another new ordeal
It’s me again against my self-esteem

Thank you for the signs
They could've served me well but i was blind
Thank you for your time
It was good to have you by my side

My smile is just a little wry
I can take it with a grain of salt
Instead of getting sleep i try
To make up for my lost and precious time

Thank you for the signs
I bet you knew they were out of sight
Thank you for your time
I wish i’d known i was wasting mine
Track Name: Evenings
You have had it
Early mornings on repeat
Every step tied to the beat

Not to worry
You are proud but hardly vain
They are close but not the same

Let's do what we talked about
We'll take the first way out
Why sitting on the fence
This plan makes perfect sense

There's no dead end
Not a single barricade
No disturbance in our way

I am sorry
If i put you to the test
If i left too much unsaid

So many evenings
They have saved the day
So many evenings
Have saved the day